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In April 2011 Parininihi ki Waitotara Incorporation launched their communications strategy essentially promoting their aspiration to become a leader as a Maori owned Agri-business.

iStudios took the opportunity to approach PKW with a concept to support their communications strategy. The concept was to develop a lifestyle magazine that would sit on the coffee table in every shareholders home. In essense to become a visual publication that would symbolise and demonstrate to its audience (the shareholers in the first instance) what success and best business practice looks like. It would take pride of place in shareholders homes and be available to be shared amongst shareholders wider family (whanau) members. Hence the lifestyle coffee table concept.

In developing the concept we suggested that PKW break the magazine into four feature areas that defined their uniqueness as a Maori organisation, namely Whakamana (Governance/Management), Pākihi (Business Operations), Awhina (Trust activity) and Matauranga (Regional issues).

Initially the proposal was to produce quarterly editions (4) a year online, two printed editions to coincide with the Incorporations half yearly and annual general meetings. However with the positive response received by shareholders and stakeholders alike after the second edition was printed, the Incorporation moved to have all editions printed.

iStudios also negotiated with printing suppliers and distributors to provide a cost competitive pricing structure for producing Whenua magazine. iStudios also recommended that Whenua magazine provide advertising space and promote advertising to PKW suppliers and other businesses looking to promote their strategic relationship with the Incorporation.

In late 2012 the communications strategy for PKW Inc was reviewed and Whenua magazine received overwhelming support from shareholders in terms of intent, visual imagery, design, content with feedback identifying the appreciation of the balance of business with human interest features. PKW Incorporation was also encouraged to increase the distribution of Whenua beyond their shareholders base to other key organisations within the Taranaki region.

Whenua Magazine is distributed to over 4,000 shareholders in New Zealand and around the world and the online magazines are also consistently read from a growing audience base in Australia, South Africa, France, South America, USA, Canada and British Isles.

Online readership trends show that for every new issue published online that Issue 1 increases by over 200 visits.

iStudios now produce PKW Incorporations Annual Report along with other communications services for other parts of their business.

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